How to choose memory foam mattress to get relief from pains and back aches

Even today many people like to purchase good old inner-spring mattresses; rest will venture out with relatively newer memory foam mattress. Now the question is what are actually memory foam mattresses? When you look at it for the first time it looks similar to that of a normal mattress. It’s quite easy to distinguish natural foam mattress from other mattresses by feeling it. The best feature of memory foam mattresses is, it conform to the shape depending upon the weight placed on it. It distributes the pressure points all across the body evenly thereby reducing the stress of the sleeper.

Besides reducing the stress of the person sleeping on memory foam mattress, it also improves blood circulation and gives correct posture to the body. The vital benefits offered by these mattresses are the reason why many people move ahead in greater number to buy it.

Hopefully, by now you are convinced to buy a memory foam mattresses and replace the old one that you have at your home. Here are few things that you need to consider prior shopping for a memory foam mattress-

  • Density of the foam

The very first thing to consider while buying a memory foam mattress is its density which describes how durable the mattress is. The heavier foam one will last for longer duration of time. In the case of high end memory foam, the mattresses will be loaded with 5-8 lbs of foams; whereas in the case of standard memory foam mattresses it ranges from 2.5 lb to 5lb.

Anyways, a dense mattress is not suitable for everyone. If you are overweight and fond of rotating more often while on bed, then you will have to consider less dense mattresses. Don’t compromise with the durability, choose density of mattresses as per your convenience, neither too high not too low. In the other case, if you are lean and has bulged bone structure, then dense foam will give more support and comfort.

At max, it’s better to have 4 lb memory foam. Meantime, it’s not that easy to test the foam density either by touching or feeling it. It’s advised to take the suggestion of knowledgeable person regarding foam density and vital details regarding the same.

  • Warranty

Apart from asking about the specific details regarding memory foam mattress from a qualified professionals, ensure to know about the type of warranty that comes with the types of mattresses chosen. In fact, you should be aware about warranty covers as well.

A distributed warranty will allow you to pay within the warranty duration and it increases in the years to come. Some people take granted about the warranty that comes with the product; whereas a non-prorated warranty doesn’t give you any sort of financial responsibility within the warranty duration.

Buying a memory foam mattress is indeed an important decision and it can avoid any sort of trouble when the time comes, so be prepared with suitable information within the given duration of time.

  • Money back guarantee scheme

Most of the mattresses provide free trials for few days or weeks.  In this regard, even memory foam mattresses are no exception. So, look for the mattresses that offer free trial duration. It’s still better if the memory foam mattress retailing company offers money back guarantee scheme as well.

Memory foam mattresses don’t come at affordable rates, though you can purchase affordable ones but that’s not the point here. Never stick on the mattresses that you don’t like for years together. So in order to avoid this, look for reliable stores that offer money back guarantee with the mattresses purchased.

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